mihca anderson coaching


Who are you?  What’s important to you?  What do you want to accomplish and when will you know you’ve arrived? 

What would it be like to have the space to ask these questions, share and achieve your dreams, and live on purpose?

Coaching is the playground where we get to explore exactly that.  It’s the perfect place to discover, parlay, slip up, and overcome.  It’s a safe space to make the courageous leaps.


what’s your story?

craft it on a typewriter

Why the typewriter, you ask?  I believe that living on purpose is akin to writing your story on a typewriter, a machine that commands intentionality.  Each keystroke requiring forethought and creativity, pushing a sound into the universe that can’t be unpushed.  Each press of the return key sending the carriage back to it’s start, awaiting your next words.  You hit the wrong key and correct your error with white tape that doesn’t fully blend in.  When that page is done, you pull the paper from the typewriter and revel in your masterpiece.  Another page of your story, perfectly captured.  Smiling as you relive your adventure, you see your typo--a hint of white tape--and recall the learning in that misstep.  And now...onto the next page.

How will you write with intention so you create your own legend instead of it being created for you?